NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
LilaseMinecraft Forge 1.8.9 QOL mod for auction sniping and flipping Night Kaly <[email protected]>2023-11-03 13:48
NullValkyrieMinecraft 1.19 multipurpose plugin for spigot servers with a lot of features where most modern servers have. Night Kaly <[email protected]>2023-11-01 20:05
aocAdvent of code Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-02-03 12:17
argonMinimalistic command line password manager and a rewrite of pass in C Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-04-08 11:41
auth-botDiscord Bot to verify user, allowing server owner to recover server by pulling back members. Night Kaly <[email protected]>2023-11-02 00:46
basedCLI tool for base conversion for A Level students Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-03-30 00:23
cathA powerful package that can interact with Cath API Night Kaly <[email protected]>2023-11-23 20:23
ccc.nvimFork of fm-nvim, Neovim plugin that lets you use ccc and fnf within Neovim. Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-04-07 00:11
cccFast TUI file manager written in C, using ncurses Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-04-07 21:25
night0721.xyzPersonal Website for showcasing projects, writing posts and sharing links Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-04-01 18:53
notedMinimalist note manager written in C with useful and user friendly features Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-02-20 10:12
nxc-hostShareX server using Next.js API, to shorten URLs, upload image, paste codes, with a simple and easy to use UI Night Kaly <[email protected]>2023-11-03 12:42
nyxThe first CODM discrod bot -- cath.exe Template Night Kaly <[email protected]>2023-11-02 00:26
rushMinimalist, customizable shell written in C with syntax highlighting like a normal shell Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-02-28 10:12
slocFork of sloc, with path name excluding and more extensions Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-04-02 18:40
startpage Start page for browsers Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-01-20 15:37
vernamCLI implementation of Vernam cipher in C with perfect secrecy for communication Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-01-25 21:06
youtube-downloaderSimple Next.js website and interface to download YouTube videos to mp3 or mp4 files with URLs Night Kaly <[email protected]>2024-02-03 14:14